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‘Warcraft’ was a fantasy for Travis Fimmel, Paula Patton

Humans and monstrous orcs are on opposite sides of the battle in the fantasy adventure Warcraft, though leads Travis Fimmel and Paula Patton capture the complicated nature of the conflict in their characters.

They also happen to look really good in a whole ton of body armor and bonded famously amid swords and sorcery.

“There was an immediate sense when we met each other that felt as if I’d known him in a past life,” Patton says of her co-star. “We had a soul connection.”

“Garona is such a survivor and it’s not just because she’s tough,” Fimmel says. “She’s a smart character who does what she has to do, and Lothar respects that.”

There’s a “natural and believable reason” for the relationship, director Duncan Jones says. But Patton notes it’s not exactly love at first sight.

“It’s like a chemistry, a moment that happens right when they meet each other that’s electric,” she says. “Because he’s the strongest, toughest warrior of Azeroth, he’s the closest to an orc. And in that way, she’s moved by him.

“One thing that you cannot put any science or math on is love, and could there be anything more magical than that?”

Fimmel is no stranger to battle scenes: The 36-year-old Australian actor is his fourth season of playing Norse hero Ragnar Lothbrok on FX’s Vikings. Yet everything is bigger in Azeroth, especially the swords.

via usatoday.com