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‘Vikings’ Season 4 Part 2: Ivar’s Transformation To Spark Blood Bath Among Ragnar’s Brothers? Lagertha Reigns in Season 5

The upcoming episode 11 will also see the return of the confused Rollo who is having some personal struggles. He says in the trailer that he cannot deny that part of him is still a Viking. Apparently, his jealousy toward his brother affects his decision. And many reports speculate that Rollo will try to reconnect with his brother King Ragnar in the next half of “Vikings” Season 4.

iTechPost also believes that Rollo will appear to congratulate the new King and will join forces with Bjorn and Hvitserk. While this is yet to be confirmed, viewers of “Vikings” knew that the Ragnar’s two sons have actually teamed up before.

Meanwhile, latest “Vikings” Season 5 spoilers reveal that Lagertha will rise in power and will seek revenge for her husband’s death. As per other reports, King Harald may betray Ragnar in the second half of Season 4, which would lead to his death. And this will force the shield-maiden to avenge his death in Season 5.

Does King Ragnar know his crippled son to Aslaug will become the next leader of Norway? Stay tuned for more updates on “Vikings” Season 4 Part 2.

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