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Travis Fimmel shares embarrassing story while filming Warcraft

Australian actor Travis Fimmel is no stranger to playing a warrior – he portrays the fearsome Ragnar in the TV series Vikings.

Now, he gets to extend that physicality on the big screen with Warcraft: The Beginning – a fantasy adventure which has the hunk tackling the role of Anduin Lothar, a commander of the human army. Warcraft is based on the popular online game (World Of Warcraft) and it sees the human realm of Azeroth threatened when Orcs show up as they flee their dying planet. Although loyal to his king to a fault, Anduin discovers that not all Orcs are bad.

In an interview transcript provided by UIP Malaysia, the 37-year-old Fimmel shared that he was still on the set of Vikings when he made the audition tape for Warcraft. Although he didn’t borrow any armour from the Vikings set, Fimmel did use one of the show’s sets to film the audition.

As for whether he was aware of the game at all, Fimmel said: “I’d heard of it, but never played it. I’d seen pictures, and now I’ve watched people play, like (co-star) Rob Kazinsky … I’d go and ask him how to say certain words or the meaning of these World Of Warcraft words. But the studio is so respectful to the game, especially with the look of it and everything. The armour that we had to wear was so cumbersome, I’d have to go sideways. But visually, I think it looks fantastic. Some of the renders that I saw, with the Orcs and the definition on the faces was just unreal. You really see the human eyes behind them and really feel the emotion.”

Fimmel threw himself into the role, especially the action sequences. However, something unexpected happened on set. “I love horses … (but) I fell off. It was pretty embarrassing. I grew up riding horses, so I was pretty red-faced. It’s a long story, I’ll take the blame, I was just dumb, but the crew went pretty quiet… Turns out they were worried. About the horse!” – Mumtaj Begum

Photo credit: UIP Malaysia

via star2.com